PPL Info Event

PPL Info Event

Today I drove down to the aerodrome of Wels. It is operated by the flying club Weiße Möwe Wels (WMW). They had an info-event for exactly what I was looking for, a PPL course.

The Event

In the middle of august I got an email from WMW. Because I used the contact form in the past and asked question via mail, they had me in their mailing list. It was an invitation to their two info events they had in september. So I decided to drive there.

When I got to the aerodrome, a few people were already waiting for the presentation to begin. The people of the flying school were very friendly. The first thing they told us was, that in general aviation, everybody is “per Du”, means in English, we call each other by our first name. So the atmosphere there was great.

Then they gave us a little presentation about the course and its contents (I will make another post about this later.). Of course, also financial information was given. Then there was a question round. Questions about license extensions, payment options or also medical questions were answered.

Then it hit me like a car. They told as, that the course will start in one week. I didn’t expect it to begin so early. But I absolutely wanted to take that chance and learn flying. I had to clarify some things but finally I decided to make this dream become true.

My Suggestion

If you are also looking for a flight school, I would suggest you to first gather some information on what possibilities you have in your area. And then compare what they can offer and for how much money. Not all schools are honest and might not include all of the costs in their deals.

You might also look if they also have info events in the near future. Go for them and look what they offer and ask questions. You might also study if the people are pleasant. Consider that you might spent a lot of time with some of them during your eduction.

The most important thing is that it feels right for you.