Radio Communication Exam

Radio Communication Exam

Today some colleagues of the course and me had our radio communications exam at the local authorities in Linz.

Radio Exam Date

If you also want to take the exam, you have to send a registration to the authority. They will send you a letter with the exam date in it. That’s because there aren’t that much exams, usually one or two per month. But please inform yourself at your own authorities, it might be different.

Radio Exam Procedure

In the beginning of the exam, we got our instructions on a sheet of paper, depending on the certificate you are attaining, it is more or less. Because I was taking the AFZ exam, I also had an English and an IFR part in it. We then got some time to prepare ourselves and we were allowed to write the phrases on a sheet of paper.

Everybody was doing the BFZ, except me and one colleague we were doing the AFZ. That’s why we had some more minutes to prepare. Meanwhile the examiner told us one after each other to go to the radio and to communicate with an real air traffic controller who is sitting in another room of the building. After everyone had his chance, we had to leave to room so that the examiners can discuss the results. And of course, for those who did an English examination, they had to correct our translated text we had to do.

All in all it was an interesting experience and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I am kind of nervous when I have exams… I am looking forward to communicate via radio in the real world.

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